Lookng for the Best Flooring Company and Finding It.

I bought a trailer that needed extensive work. After removing the dirty ugly green carpet, I decided to put down hardwood flooring or laminate flooring. I decide to use tile flooring on the bath room and kitchen floors.

I called around to fin some one to do the installing as I had no clue how to do it my self. I wanted someone who did this as a profession because I found out when you hire family or friends to do the work, it only brings you trouble.

I called several companies, because I wanted the company to have a person help me pick the tile flooring, hardwood flooring or laminate flooring the didn’t want the job. After searching the yellow pages I finally found someone to come out and talk with me.

The guy who came out was very professional. He measured my rooms but informed me that I couldn’t use hardwood flooring on a trailer because the trailer floor had give to it and hardwood didn’t have any give. He also told me I couldn’t use regular tile flooring for the same reason. I didn’t know this so was very glad for the information before I went out and bought something I couldn’t use. He said I could use laminate flooring cause it would give right along with the trailer floor. He said if I wanted phoenix tiles I’d have to get the stick on tiles The trailer had already had the stick on Phoenix tile¬†on the kitchen floor and several of them had come unglued. I decide to go with the vinyl flooring.

One of their lady employees came out and looked at the trailer and I told her what color I was going to paint the walls. She looked at the partial paneled walls and she suggest I get the laminated flooring as close to the color of the paneling as possible.

We went shopping with a the measurements of all the rooms and a picture of the paneling. We compared colors and price and even matched the vinyl floor covering for my kitchen and bath so it would go with my paint. Se went far and above what her job called for.

I called the company when the flooring supplies arrived. They were very prompt and very professional while installing my flooring. They cleaned up after their selves and were careful not to damage anything. They even installed the vinyl. I held my breath when I looked at their bill. I thought for all the help they’d been it was a very fair price. Everything looked so beautiful I was in a hurry to finish the rest.

After the floors and painting was done my trailer looked brand new. After I brought in my furniture it begin to look and feel alike home. I would certainly use this flooring company again. They are great and did professional job that was far above what they had to do. I looked for the best company I could fine and I found it.